Proposal Submission

Friday, November 30th at the UC Davis Conference Center

Proposals will be accepted through July 31, 2018.

Thanks to a sponsorship from HHMI through UC Davis' MIDAS project, this year we will host a special session focused on Inclusive Excellence. Our conference proposal application will prompt you to indicate whether your work should be considered for this session. We encourage you to submit SOTL work that pertains to inclusion at UC Davis for this session.

A link to the proposal form is provided below. Please read instructions before submitting proposal.

We are currently accepting proposals for talks, posters, and resource tables. Our submission form requires you to specify one of these three formats for your proposal. Visit our Information for Presenters page for more information on these formats.

A complete submission requires the following:

Biographies (~100 words or less) for each author

A structured abstract (500 words or less), including:

  • Title
  • Purpose (~100 words or less): A summary of your work's purpose. Depending on the structure of your work, this might entail the motivation or rationale; the research questions or hypotheses; the project aims; the thesis statement; etc.
  • Main findings (~100 words or less): A summary of the major findings or conclusions of your work. For works-in-progress or explorations of concept, you may alternately summarize future work or major questions you intend to explore in dialogue with other conference attendees. For methods or resource submissions, you may alternately summarize the usefulness or worth of the tool/technique you wish to present.
  • Description (~200 words or less): A summary of the content of your submission. Depending on your submission type and the structure of your work, this may entail a description of methods, logic, data presented, data analysis; or a narrative of your work; or the resources or demonstrations you intend to provide. 
  • Relevance and Takeaways (~100 words or less): How is your work relevant to members within the community of UC Davis' scholarly educators? What information, knowledge, thoughts, insights, or new questions do you intend for this audience to take away from your presentation?

If your proposal is submitted, these texts will be shared in the abstract book. We encourage you to have these texts prepared before you enter the submission system.

For examples of previous structured abstracts, see last year's abstract book.


Proposals will be accepted through July 31, 2018.

We expect to notify participants by late September, 2018.