User Testing

Dear UC Davis teaching and learning community:


My group at UC Davis is doing some research and user testing of informal communication of teaching and learning research among educators, to try to find more effective ways of sharing research among practitioners, outside of journals and conferences.

We think that sharing teaching and learning research with practitioners is an interest common to many researchers in our community, and and we’d be deeply grateful if you helped us by participating in a short survey. Your participation will involve a perusal of an informal research document (assigned at random from a set), followed by a brief questionnaire and activity regarding your experience reading the document. It should take about ten minutes.

The link is here:

Naturally, your participation is voluntary, anonymous, and appreciated. Feel free to share the survey with other educators in your network, inside or outside UC Davis. And contact me at any time with questions,


Best wishes,

Stephanie Pulford

Associate Director for Instructional Research & Development, Center for Educational Effectiveness, and SOTL Conference Chair