2018 Schedule

Faculty at the 2017 SoTL Conference

**Note: The 2019 Agenda will be available in October 2019.

2018 SOTL Conference Agenda

9:30-9:45 Welcome
9:45-10:45 Plenary, UC Davis Marco Molinaro, Assistant Vice Provost
10:45-11:00 Break

HHMI Special Session on Inclusive Excellence

Effects of adjustment, grading, and class size in academic equity

  • Meryl Motika, Kavi Tan and Tiffany Johnson Center for Educational Effectiveness

Exploring How Classroom Dialogue and Student Writing Protocols Shed Light On My 6th Graders’ Use of the Mainstream and Non-Dominant Englishes Within Their Linguistic Repertoires

  • BernNadette Best-Green Graduate Group in Education

When Active Learning Impedes Inclusion Excellence

  • Piri Ackerman-Barger Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing


Finding a Simple Solution to the Problem of Student Evaluations: An Index of Traditional Evaluation Questions

  • Janine LF Wilson and Derek Stimel Economics

The Hand of God: Grades and Extrinsic Motivation in Engineering Writing Courses

  • Stephanie Pulford, Kavi Tan, Michael Gonzalez and Amanda Modell Center for Educational Effectiveness

Classifying and Visualizing Students’ Cognitive Engagement in Course Readings

  • Michele Igo College of Biological Sciences, Eran Yogev and Kobi Gal Ben Gurion University Department of Information Systems Engineering, David Krager MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Marc T. Facciotti UC Davis Biomedical Engineering and Genome Center


Poster Session A (12:00-12:45) and Session B (12:45-1:30)


Lunch Available


KEYNOTE: Making a Place for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Contexts and Careers

Pat Hutchings, Senior Scholar, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment





Resource Tables

Success Coaching and Learning Strategies: Academic Support Resource

  • Annalisa Teixiera Success Coaching and Learning Strategies, Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services (OEOES)

Integrating Global Learning Outcomes in the Classroom

  • Nathan Camp, Nancy Erbstien and Zachary Frieders Global Affairs

Strengthening Peer Review Practices while fostering a helpful online community through Eli Review

  • Sarah Faye University Writing Program

The Teaching Assistant Consulting (TAC) Fellows Program

  • Monica Christina Esqueda Center for Educational Effectiveness

Program Learning Outcomes Assessment

  • Kara Moloney Center for Educational Effectiveness

Deep Dives and Ripple Effects: Two approaches to enhancing teaching at a research-intensive university

  • Patricia Turner Center for Educational Effectiveness

Introduction to team-based learning

  • Heather Jane Hether Communication

IRB Resource Table

  • Marisol Quintana and Jessica Ramirez IRB


What you need to know about Collaborative Learning before attempting Collaborative Learning

  • Julia Chamberlain Chemistry

Understanding Students’ Attitudes towards Oral Communication Skills in a Project-based Engineering Course

  • Jennifer Mullin Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Community Engaged Teaching and Learning: A View from UC Davis

  • Michael Rios and Ingrid Behrsin Office of the Provost






Resource Tables

E-Learning for Equity, InnoVation, and Teaching Effectiveness (ELEVATE) Fellows Program

  • Cecilia Gomez Center for Educational Effectiveness

Writing Across the Curriculum Resources Table

  • Melissa M. Bender University Writing Program

GradePal: An Intuitive, Internet-Based Application for Gradebook Analysis

  • Joel Ledford Plant Biology

Just-in-Time Teaching Resources

  • Stacy Wittstock and Kem Saichaie Center for Educational Effectiveness

Developing Digital Communication Skills through a Video about One’s Undergraduate Major

  • Arnold Bloom Plant Sciences and Sue Ebeler College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Community Engaged Teaching and Learning: Participatory Workshop

  • Ingrid Behrsin and Michael Rios Office of the Provost

New UC Davis Study Abroad Faculty Supported Models: Less Time, Less Travel

  • Paula Levitt, Ashely Arvanites and Brianne Holden Study Abroad (Global Affairs)

IRB Resource Table

  • Marisol Quintana and Jessica Ramirez IRB


Impact of an Application-Oriented Circuits Curriculum on Performance of Non-Electrical-Engineering Students in the Downstream Courses

  • Hooman Rashtian Electrical Engineering

Influence of Students’ Prior Animal Experience and Grouping Strategy on Student Learning in an Applied Animal Laboratory Setting

  • Allen Pettey Animal Science

The impacts of lecture capture usage on student performance, attendance, and perspective in large-enrollment introductory STEM courses

  • Laci Gerhart-Barley, Jay Stachowicz and Rick Grosberg Evolution and Ecology and Miriam Martin Microbiology and Molecular Genetics


Closing Remarks: Chancellor Gary May UC Davis

Reception and Awards